Chrissy Hall

Postdoc / Adjunct

My research interests are broadly centered around understanding how life responded to environmental changes in Earth’s past. My dissertation focused on how deep marine ostracodes were impacted by early Eocene hyperthermal events with respect to abundance, diversity, and body size. As a postdoc, I am investigating the similarities and discrepancies in marine and non-marine ostracode responses to climatic changes in the Cenozoic. I also study the paleoecology and morphology of triradialomorphs, an enigmatic Ediacaran clade characterized by three-fold symmetry.


  • Ph.D.: Geosciences at University of California, Riverside
  • M.S.: Geosciences at University of California, Riverside
  • B.S.: Biology and Geology at College of William and Mary


  • ERTH 3010: Earth History and Global Change


Christine Hall
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