Andy Bush


I study the fossil record to illuminate controls on biodiversity and ecology through geological time. Members of my lab are examining the selectivity and ecological consequences of mass extinction in the Late Devonian based on field work in the Appalachian Basin. In other projects, we are examining determinants of extinction risk and drivers of biotic radiations more broadly in the history of marine animal ecosystems.


  • Ph.D.: Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University
  • M.S.: Geological Sciences at Virginia Tech
  • B.S.: Geological Sciences at Virginia Tech


  • ERTH 4120 / EEB 4120: Paleobiology
  • ERTH 3010: Earth History and Global Change
  • ERTH 6130: Seminar in Paleobiology

Select Publications

  • Bush, A. M., S. C. Wang, J. L. Payne, and N. A. Heim. 2020. A framework for the integrated analysis of the magnitude, selectivity, and biotic effects of extinction and origination. Paleobiology 46:1-22.
  • Knope, M. L., Bush, A. M., Frishkoff, L. O., Heim, N. A., and Payne, J. L. 2020. Ecologically diverse clades dominate the oceans via extinction resistance. Science 367:1035-1038.
  • Bush, A. M., Beard, J. A., Baird, G., Over, D. J., Tuskes, K., Brisson, S., and Pier, J. Q. 2017. Upper Devonian Kellwasser extinction events in New York and Pennsylvania: offshore to onshore transect across the Frasnian-Famennian boundary on the eastern margin of the Appalachian Basin. Pp. 82-124 in O. H. Muller, ed. Field Trip Guidebook for the 89th Annual Meeting of the New York State Geological Association.
  • Bush, A. M., G. Hunt, and R. K. Bambach. 2016. Sex and the shifting biodiversity dynamics of marine animals in deep time. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113:14073–14078.
Andy Bush
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