Ben Chilson-Parks

Assistant Professor in Residence

I use geochemical and petrological observations to describe the genesis and history of mantle-sourced melts and xenoliths. Most of my work in this topic has focused on the evolution and origins of basaltic volcanism in the southern Andes and kimberlite-hosted mantle xenoliths from the northern Rocky Mountains. I rely on the chemical and isotopic analyses of these samples to characterize the heterogeneities present in the mantle and to resolve the role of subduction in creating and modifying these heterogeneities.


  • Ph.D.: Geology at Brown University
  • B.A..: Geology at Carleton College


  • ERTH 3040: Earth Materials
  • ERTH 1050/1051/1052: Earth’s Dynamic Environment
  • ERTH 1055: Earth Science and the American Landscape

Select Publications

  • Chilsonā€Parks, B.H., Calabozo, F.M., Saal, A.E., Wang, Z., Mallick, S., Petrinovic, I.A. and Frey, F.A., 2022. The signature of metasomatized subcontinental lithospheric mantle in the basaltic magmatism of the Payenia volcanic province, Argentina. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 23(1), p.e2021GC010071.
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Ben Chilson-Parks
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