Gary Robbins


Research Interests: Fate and transport of ground water contamination and ground water supply sustainability.

Current projects: Developing low cost methods for characterizing bedrock fracture flow conditions. Use of indigenous bacteria as a groundwater tracer tool. Impact of legacy arsenic pesticide use on groundwater contamination. Improving methods for sampling domestic wells for groundwater contamination. Application of the Dissolved Oxygen Alteration and Single Packer Methods for characterizing fracture flow conditions in crystalline rock using non-vertical boreholes.


  • Ph.D.: Geology at Texas A&M University
  • M.S.: Geology at Brown University
  • B.S.: Geology at Brooklyn College


  • ERTH 5710: Advanced Hydrogeology
  • ERTH 5790: Field Methods in Hydrogeology

Select Publications

  • Flahive, N.A., and Robbins, G.A., 2020, A Single Packer Method for Characterizing Water Contributing Fractures in Crystalline Bedrock Wells, Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation, V. 40, No.1, p 65-73.
  • Higgins, M., Robbins, G.A., and Metcalf, M., 2020, An Assessment of Hydrologic Factors that Influence
    Contaminant Concentrations Determined from Domestic Well Water Samples, Environmental Earth Sc, 10 p.
  • Higgins, M, Robbins, G.A., Maas, K. and Binkhorst, G., 2020, Use of Bacteria Community Analysis to Distinguish Groundwater Recharge Sources to Shallow Wells, J. Environmental Quality, in Press.
Gary Robbins
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