Preston Senderoff

M.S. Student

I am a Master’s Student at the Department of Earth Sciences working with Dr. William Ouimet. I completed my B.S. in Geosciences here, and have had the incredible fortune to continue to work with Dr. Ouimet and the other excellent faculty in our department. My research is in the fields of post-glacial and coastal geomorphology, with a specific focus on the climatological and geomorphological forcings on the submergence of coastal wetlands along the Connecticut coast of the Long Island Sound.

My academic and research career has been incredibly rewarding thus far, as I have been working alongside the Coastal Zone Soil Survey team from the Natural Resources Conservation Service to aid in my research.

Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring local and state parks. I also play guitar and love gardening and collecting plants.


  • B.S.: Geosciences at University of Connecticut


  • Will Ouimet
Preston Senderoff
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