Tammo Reichgelt

Assistant Professor in Residence

I study the fossilized remains of plants to reconstruct ancient Earth climate and ecosystems. Plant form, taxonomy and chemical composition are all dependent on the environment the plant lives in. Analyzing the modern relationships of plants with the climate allows us to provide constraints on ancient terrestrial environmental variables, such as temperature, rainfall, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and even the density of vegetation cover.


  • Ph.D.: Geology at University of Otago
  • M.S.: Biogeology at Utrecht University
  • B.S.: Earth Science at Utrecht University


  • ERTH 1070: Natural Disasters and Environmental Change
  • ERTH 1010: Dinosaurs, Extinctions and Environmental Catastrophes
  • ERTH 1000E: Anthropocene: the Human Epoch


Tammo Reichgelt
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