Zoe Conklin

M.S. Student

I am broadly interested in structural geology and metamorphic petrology, and how the two can be used together to explain orogenic processes. My B.S research focused on amphibole pegmatites in the Hudson Highlands, NY. More specifically, I looked at their petrology, structural kinematics (both regional and microscopic), and their orientation within the regional system, and the implications these had on the overall transgression and transpression of the region. My M.S research will focus on understanding and mapping the fold evolution in the core of the active arc-continental collision in Taiwan. Additionally, I’ll be using 40Ar/39Ar (laser probe) dating of adularia to date what are believed to be late-stage quartz vein structures in the region.


  • B.S.: Geosciences at SUNY Oswego


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Zoe Conklin
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