Month: July 2021

Size Really Matters

By Dr. Robert Thorson In the history of environmental policy, the construction of dams on rivers is always a win-lose situation, with one species — Homo sapiens — getting the gains and the rest of the ecosystem getting whatever comes next. It’s also a win-lose situation in which one group of humans gains at the […]

Reaping Consequences of Technology

By Dr. Robert Thorson `The largest poisoning of a population in history.” That’s how an epidemiologist from the University of California, Berkeley, Alan Smith, describes arsenic groundwater contamination in India. In the Indian state of West Bengal, more than 40 million people live in the poison zone. In Bangladesh, more than 82 million are threatened. […]

We Should Be Thankful for the Water

By Dr. Robert Thorson Let’s assume you are fortunate enough to be feasting with family and friends. When you pause to give thanks for your blessings, be sure to include the water that made everything possible. Then make a commitment to guard Northeastern water against Southwestern encroachment. What few modern Thanksgiving Day feasters appreciate is […]

Grand Canyon Dating Undercuts Creationism

By Dr. Robert Thorson Millions of people stubbornly refuse to believe that the Earth is older than about 10,000 years. Anything older is inconsistent with their understanding of the Creation, and is therefore rejected a priori. Oh, how wrong they are! Within the United States, the most common psychological yardstick for Earth’s antiquity is the […]

Makeover Nice, But Pond Needs Deeper Solution

By Dr. Robert Thorson Congratulations to the University of Connecticut for giving Mirror Lake, its campus centerpiece, an underwater haircut and lake liposuction treatment. Tom Callahan, the administrator in charge, has done a superb job in his new role as beauty consultant. They say that beauty is only skin-deep. In the case of artificial ponds […]

California’s Looming Water Disaster

By Dr. Robert Thorson Earth’s most precious fluid is not gasoline, but the tiny fraction of Earth’s water that is neither frozen nor vaporized, low enough in salinity to be considered fresh and free enough of contaminants to be legally potable. By mid-century, its price will be on people’s minds the way liquid fuel is […]