Seeing Climate Change? at The Benton

UConn's Stone Pavilion

Department of Earth Sciences Professor Robert Thorson, with assistance from Curator Amanda Douberley, created a new exhibit titled “Seeing Climate Change?” at The William Benton Museum. This exhibit is a partnership between science and art, presenting working from the Benton collection that touch on the themes of phenology, climate change, measurement, climate, weather, and seasonality. The exhibition also displays a variety of rocks and meteorological instrumentation to explore connections between weather and climate. Also featured are the past climates that can be found in the rocks that make up UConn’s Stone Pavilion.

The exhibit opened at Benton on January 16th and will run through July 28th.

Exhibition Walkthrough with Guest Curator Robert Thorson, Friday, February 16, 12:30pm

Salon - Building a Sustainable Future, Friday, March 1, 2024, 5-7pm

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