The Stone Pavilion Project

Piece of Home

Geologic Map of the United States.
Geological Map of the United States by the U.S. Geological Survey.

An Actual Piece of Home

Feeling homesick?  Want to see a piece of your home state?  There are two ways:

  • Use the alphabetical list of states on the brass plaque in the photo above to find a specimen number, and then find that number on the wall in the pavilion.  As with text, they are arranged in rows or lines of stone from top left to lower right.  The plaque is mounted high to the left of the exhibit wall. Alaska lacks a tag.

  • Find your state on the drop-down menu below and match its photograph with the specimen on the wall.  This is the only way to locate Alaska, which lacks a tag.

To learn more about the specimen stone from your home state, use the drop-down menu below. On each page will find a photograph of your stone in the wall, a close-up photograph, two maps, several links, and descriptions.

Plaque in Pavilion.
Bronze plaque lists the names of 48 states. Each is associated with a number that is also present on the specimen stone from that state. Sometime after 1959 the two additional tags were added. This plaque was covered with algae before it was cleaned with a wire brush. Traces of that algae remain.