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    Large cut and polished block of "Texas Pink," a pink granite from the Llano uplift of central Texas, according to survey staff at University of Texas. Note inscription "TEXAS PINK" on block. The USGS identifies it as a quartz-plagioclase-microcline pluton.

  • Classification

    Igneous. Plutonic. Granitic. Granite. Pink.

  • Location & Occurrence

    Identified as the Town Mountain Granite, from central Texas, the Llano Uplift. Granite Mountain is an exfoliation dome, a bornhardt. Rock, also known as "sunset red," is quarried west of Marble Falls, Texas.

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  • Geoheritage

    This rock was used to build the  Texas state capitol in Austin and the Galveston Sea Wall. This was a wall with jetties up to 5 miles long completed in 1898 just before it was destroyed by America's most deadly hurricane in 1900.   The jetties were built to prevent sedimentation in the shipping channel, which forced a process of ship-offloading called "lithtering."

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Specimen stone for Texas.
Closeup of Texas stone. Outline map of Texas. Geol Map of Texas.