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  • Description

    Broken boulder of red quartzite  or quartz-arenite sandstone. Identified by survey staff as a "Cambrian age quartzite"

  • Classification

    Sedimentary. Sandstone. Marine.

  • Location & Occurrence

    Possibly Rose Hill Formation.  These are Silurian and Cambrian marine sands that include quartz arenites.

  • Geological Age

    Plausibly Cambrian or Silurian.

  • Geoheritage

    If this is the Rose Hill Formation, this material was hard enough to be worked into archaeological tools.

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    Link to State Geological Map from USGS.  Link to Virginia Geology & Energy Resources. Link to  USGS Description.  Link to artifact source rock.

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Specimen stone for Virginia.
Closeup of Virginia stone. Outline map of Virginia. Geo Map of Virginia.