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West Virginia

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  • Description

    Broken block of brown sandstone identified by survey staff as a "flaggy fluvial sandstone" from either the "east or west edge" of the state. No age assigned or formation name. Specks of mica visible on close-up. Oxidized black in places.

  • Classification

    Sedimentary.  Sandstone.

  • Location & Occurrence

    Shallow marine.

  • Geological Age


  • Geoheritage

    West Virginia lies in the heart of the Appalachian Basin, a thick pile of sedimentary rock deposited west of the rising Appalachians that is was responsible for much of the coal industry in the US in the 20th century, prior to the strip-mining of western coal.

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    Link to State Geological Map from USGS.  Link to West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey .

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Specimen stone for West Virginia.
Closup of West Virginia stone. Outline Map of West Virginia Geo Map of West Virginia.