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  • Description

    Rough-quarried block of gray-pink granite showing mainly gray quartz and  pink alkali feldspars. Close up shows minor gneissic layering in quartz with altered mafic minerals.

  • Classification

    Igneous. Plutonic. Granitic. Granite. Pink.

  • Location & Occurrence

    Identified by Massachusetts survey as  the Milford, Chelmsford, or Quincy Granite, likely from either Gloucester or Rockport.   USGS Describes the Chemsford granite as a medium-grained, often gneissic, muscovite-bearing granite, which matches this specimen.  It was one of many synorogenic intrusives during the Acadian Orogeny.

  • Geologic Age Lower Devonian, roughly 390 Ma +/-.
  • Geoheritage Granite like this was quarried widely in eastern Ma. Our specimen (#19), if it's the Quincy Granite, was associated with Bunker Hill Monument and the first railroad in the U.S., dating to 1826.
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Specimen stone for Massachusetts.
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