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  • Description

    Boulder of reddish brown sandstone. In closeup the heterogeneous composition of grains is visible, suggesting arkose. Common voids (vugs) where grains have weathered out. Locally muddy and(or) pervasively hematite stained. Locally black with manganese (?) oxides, indicating permeability.

  • Classification

    Sedimentary. Sandstone. Arkose.

  • Location & Occurrence

    Quick search for redbeds in Oklahoma reveals many Permian-era terrestrial deposits in south-central portions of the state. We follow this assumption.

  • Geological Age

    Permian (?)

  • Geoheritage

    The finer-grained members of such rocks were famous fossil-hunting grounds for the early dinosaur hunters like Edward Drinker Cope (1870s) and  Alfred Romer (early 20th century).

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    Link to State Geological Map from USGS.  Link to Oklahoma Geological Survey.

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Specimen stone for Oklahoma.
Closeup of Oklahoma stone. Outline of Oklahoma. Geo Map of Oklahoma.